Clinic Tour

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Front of hospital

Reception Desk

Waiting room

Children's waiting area

Complete with a chalkboard wall to keep them busy.  We also stock coloring books and crayons to help make appointments go as smoothly as possible.  

Exam room

Typically we use this room for cats and smaller dogs

Exam room

This room has a lift table for our larger dog patients, allowing them a more comfortable visit because we don't need to struggle to lift them onto an exam table.  The table is also equipped with a padded, non skid mat to allow them to feel secure.  


Our scale is set into the floor, which many dogs find less intimidating than having to step up onto a traditional scale.  

Treatment room

Back area of Treatment room

This area of the hospital is equipped with treatment tables, surgical lights as well as all the medical supplies we need to perform many procedures.  

Surgery table

Our surgery table is equipped with a warming pad to help decrease the chances of our patients getting cold while under anesthesia.  


Our surgery suite is equipped to provide all our patients with proper monitoring under anesthesia.  Just like in human medicine, animals here are given IV fluids during surgery, and a technician is always there to monitor vital signs and make sure every surgery is going smoothly.  

Digital x ray

Dog kennel

Our hospital cat Goldie lives here in the dog kennel, so he's a little confused sometimes!  At night he roams the hospital and we are pretty sure he and Dr. Hurst share cookies when nobody is looking.  

Cat ward

Separate from our dog kennel area to keep stress levels low.  Note the blue cage cover that can be utilized for those kitties that prefer to stay out of sight - it can be unsnapped to fully cover the front of the cage or just one side stays snapped to allow us to keep an eye on the patient while still providing some privacy to the pet.